This particular question is one of the most common questions that homeowners or anyone with a lock ask. Why are locksmiths so expensive? Especially someone that calls out a locksmith for the first time. They are shocked about the prices of each lock replacement or rekeying.

Most people out there are not aware (especially the elderly) that there are fraudulent people out there who pose as locksmiths. They can create a fake website for free on Google in other to lure you into calling them out and afterwards charge you a high amount of money.

Although, in the UK, Locksmiths do not have government licensing, which means they can charge any amount they want. But that doesn’t mean they get to charge as much as your life savings. A sincere locksmith sometimes charges less than what they deserve for a job done.

The truth is, locksmiths don’t and shouldn’t be as expensive as a lot of people think. The ongoing myths
and bad comments about locksmiths being expensive are because of the high number of locksmith
scams every now and then. A good locksmith does not take payment until they’ve got the job done.

Below are some of the reasons why some people say locksmiths are expensive:

1- The expensive and potential fraudulent locksmith

Some locksmiths would first of all guarantee homeowners that there will not be a call-out charge.Or give a price quote as a heads up. And after they’ve arrived and completed the job, the locksmith then leaves them with a ridiculous amount as the price to pay.

This is one of the scams that some locksmiths pull off. And it’s why some people think that locksmiths are expensive. This sorts of Locksmiths don’t are about sincerity; they charge whatever they want. Since they have no government licensing to put a price limit on them. Which means you can’t complain even if you wanted to.

2- Those who offer you very cheap services

Another way to spot a locksmith who wants to drain you is to observe the repair cost they bill you for a job. Some locksmiths will offer you an offer that you cannot resist. After some time, they will implement all kinds of ideas and tricks to increase the price they set at first. Claiming they had to use so and so tools to pull out so and so, to squeeze more money out of you.

Some Locksmiths will say the work required more physical labour than they thought. Some might go as far as wasting time acting as if they’re fixing something while they’re not doing anything. They may get the job in 10 minutes but will spend an extra 15 or 20 minutes just walking about and picking several tools to make it look like it’s one hell of a job.

Changing a door lock - Why Are Locksmiths So Expensive

And you as the homeowner is going to be like, “Wow, this guy is really trying to have my lock fixed“, not realizing your lock was fixed 20 minutes ago. Such Locksmiths are labelled as bad locksmiths.

3- The Liars

These kind of locksmiths aren’t just trained to pick locks and rekey them. They’re also good liars and can exhort you into believing their lies. For instance, if you call out a common liar locksmith to come and fix your door. When they arrive at your house and have a look at the door lock, it might just be a small problem that doesn’t even require you to replace the lock.

But such a locksmith will say, “Oh ma’am, your lock is broken, I will have to replace it with a new lock. “ While your lock is perfectly fine, maybe just a bit frozen. The locksmith will use that as an opportunity to overcharge you for a simple problem that they could’ve fixed in 5 minutes with the right tools.

Some fraudulent locksmiths also put up a sign that says ‘free call out‘, but as soon as they’re done changing your lock, they keep the new keys with them until you compensate them in full. Once again, don’t forget, No Government Licensing.


If you want to avoid such hidden charges, make sure that there aren’t any in the agreement. Depending on how damaged your car lock or house lock is, most locksmiths jobs out there shouldn’t cost much. If you call out a locksmith other than us and you feel the cost is too high, look elsewhere.

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Also, you should consider getting yourself a personal emergency locksmith. These kind of locksmiths are
familiar with you. Apart from being your personal locksmiths, you may even address them as a friend or call them your favorite repair guy. If you pay them well, they’ll never try to rip you off.

And finally, locksmiths aren’t expensive, but their hard work does require a competitive pay. If you think being a locksmith is an easy job, try rekeying your house keys yourself, or try unlocking your car doors yourself. Being a locksmith is a difficult job that requires concentration and creative thinking.

To avoid asking why locksmiths are so expensive, always hire verified company Locksmiths to help you out. They’re safer. And most company locksmiths have a fixed price for whatever job they undertake.