If you’re planning on getting a uPVC door for your home after moving in, then you’re going to like to know the type of lock that would best fit your uPVC door in terms of security. For most uPVC doors, they usually have a multi-point lock along with a Euro Cylinder. That is the type of lock that the majority of homeowners with uPVC doors make use of.

However, some Euro Cylinder locks are prone to lock snapping. The average Euro Cylinder lock may not be able to withstand the force of a snap. If you want to seek extra security, the SS312 Diamond Approved Cylinder and the TS007 3 Star, are going to offer you just that. They are the standard of most euro cylinders on a uPVC door. 

These euro cylinder locks are usually fitted for composite and uPVC doors, and they both use a multi-point locking system. They can also fit into mortice deadlocks, Aluminum doors or sash locks. Euro Cylinder locks are arguably the most common type of lock you will see on modern uPVC doors.

What Type of Lock Is on a uPVC Door

Door types

Better security is assured when all of your front, back, and external doors have a firm multi-point system. And euro cylinder locks offer just that on uPVC doors. Euro Cylinder locks have certain door types that they are made to fit perfectly. Below are some of the variety of doors that you can find a euro Cylinder lock:

  • External Back Door: The external back door is common in a lot of homes. In the UK, for instance, homeowners with plenty of rooms don’t usually have one or two doors, they have three or five. And most of them usually use a Euro Cylinder lock.
  • External Front Door: Similar to the first, external Front doors are also used by homeowners to enable them to have an extra opening when leaving the house other than the actual front door. 
  • Internal Doors: Some homeowners make use of internal doors, although they are not commonly used. In the UK, most homeowners do not like having an internal door in their homes. However, it is mostly used in schools, hospitals, and offices.

Now that you know the type of lock that is mostly used on a uPVC door, and the types of doors that it is mainly used for, you might’ve made up your mind to go out there and buy one or hire a locksmith to help you change it. But not so fast. 

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. And it is better that you know the advantages and disadvantages of having a euro lock cylinder on your uPVC door as it may just be the final determining factor.

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  • Euro Cylinder locks are very easy to operate. 
  • They don’t make things complicated or difficult for you if you decide to upgrade to a higher security standard. 
  • Euro Cylinder locks are easily keyed alike, or master keyed. Which means you will only need a few keys for a property.
  • If a euro cylinder lock is well fitted to a firm lock standard, it is going to prevent lock snapping, bumping, picking, or drilling. 


There isn’t much disadvantage in using a uPVC lock. The only drawback or downside you might encounter is:

  • If you don’t fit a firm security standard, the euro-cylinder lock will be at risk to different forms of attack such as lock snapping, drilling, and lock picking. 
  • Another disadvantage is that getting the high-security standard euro-cylinder lock can be quite expensive.

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Of course, if you want quality, you have to be willing to spend some money. The euro cylinder locks come in different types, and if you want a lock with high security on your uPVC door, then you have to be willing to buy the expensive ones. 

uPVC doors are very well secure, but they’re made of plastic, which isn’t very secure compared to other doors such as composite doors. uPVC doors also come with several varieties for you to choose from such as rosewood, golden oak and plain white. That number of variety is little compared to most doors as well. 

One of the ways you can make your uPVC door a lot more secure is by getting a secured euro-cylinder lock to support the uPVC door. It is a wise choice, and we recommend going for either the Euro Cylinder SS312 diamond approved lock, or the TS007 3 star lock. Both locks offer standard security and can both withstand attacks such as lock snapping and drilling. 

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