Losing your house keys can be a severe problem, especially if you have something important you need to retrieve immediately from your house. Only to realise that you’re locked out. In such a case, what you need to do is calm down and try not to panic. If a pet is stuck in the house, they’ll be fine. So, what should you do if you lose your house keys?

In a situation whereby you left food in the oven, you’ll want to act fast in getting back inside the house to avoid burning your food. If that happens, you will have to spend money ordering something entirely different. It can be challenging getting back into your home if you live alone.

It can be hard even if you don’t live alone. There are a few things you can do to get back into your house. And in this article, we’ll be telling you just what to do.

1- Call someone you live with for help

If you lose your house keys and don’t live alone, all you have to do is give your roommate a call, and if they’re close by, they can rush over and hand over their keys to you. And if you have a partner, they’re just a phone call away from coming to your aid.

If you don’t have a roommate or a partner, it can be tough to get into your house. Because you don’t share your keys with anyone. Also, even if you do have a roommate or partner, they could be miles away from you, and they will be unable to come to your aid.

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In such a case, you’re pretty much stranded. Depending on how far out they are, you can choose to sit it out and wait for them on your porch. But if you’re not the patient kind, you could leave the house and maybe grab a coffee to pass the time.

Also, if you’re close with your neighbors, you could tell them about your condition and spend a few minutes or possibly an hour with them before your partner arrives with the house key.

2- Hire a locksmith

This resort is highly recommended if you live alone and you don’t share your keys with anyone. So if you get you locked outside of your house, or if you lose your house keys, you can call out a locksmith. And depending on your location, and how far the locksmith is from you, it may take 30 to 40 minutes for a locksmith to arrive.

However, locksmiths can be expensive, but in the case of unlocking a door, that shouldn’t cost much. Depending on the kind of door you have, that will determine how much the locksmith will charge you for the job.

If you lost your keys, then the locksmith will have to make new ones for you. And if you broke the key in the lock of your door in the process of opening the door in haste, or angrily, that will be more expensive to fix than a simple unlocking. Which means a locksmith will charge you more than usual for removing a broken key piece from your lock.

3- Use your foot to break the lock

This is only necessary as a last resort. If you’re a man, or woman with a powerful feet, all you need to do is use your feet to kick open the door close to the handle. This isn’t necessary, but it is sometimes done in severe cases. And it should be done if you live alone.

For instance, if you rush home to pick up vital documents for work, but upon reaching your home, you realise that your keys are missing. You checked the car but couldn’t find them. In such a case, you have no one to call for a spare key because you live alone. And you can’t call out a locksmith because you can’t wait for them to arrive.

That leaves you with one option. And that is to break into your house and retrieve the document. You can fix the doors when you get back from work. Indeed, if such a document is crucial, you could phone your boss and let him know the situation. But most people with mean bosses wouldn’t do that, because your boss might label them as incompetent.

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And you’re required to bring the documents ASAP. You can’t call a locksmith or your partner; all you can do is break in and fix later. Depending on the location of your house. Let’s say you live in a secured neighborhood with friendly people, your house might remain unapproached. And your stuff will be safe. You could even have a trusted neighbor help you watch the house.


Once again, breaking into your house after losing your keys should only be done as a last resort. It would be best if you never broke into your own house unless it’s an emergency. If you get locked out of a house in which you live alone, the first thing to do is call out a locksmith and have them open your door safely and securely.