Nowadays, it has become easier and faster for a burglar to enter your home. Especially if the burglar turns out to a lock picking one, some burglars are trained to pick locks. I know, it’s weird, but it’s true. You can get information on almost anything you’re looking for on the internet nowadays because people will create a website about anything. 

The thing is, those kinds of websites and other sources of information are useful to all of us. There are YouTube channels that teach you how to pick locks, open car doors without the keys, etc. But such tutorials are made with good intentions from the maker or teacher. 

You and I do it sometimes. We’ve logged into YouTube and watched a video on how to fix certain things or do certain things. But when a bad person stumbles upon such information like a video that teaches them how to pick locks, they’re going to learn it. And once they do, they’re going to want to test it.

So if you’re unlucky, they’re going to use your home as the test subject, and that that is when a burglar tries to gain entry into your house. If you’re making use of an enhanced modern lock with high security, they may not be successful. But if you’re using a regular lock or an old lock you’ve had for years, chances are the burglar will be successful.  

In this article, I’m going to be telling you the best Euro cylinder lock that you should have in your home if you want to make sure that a burglar cannot bypass your lock and enter your house.

What Is the Best Euro Cylinder Lock

Get an anti-snap lock.

One of the easiest and most silent ways a burglar can gain entry into your house is by lock snapping. If you reside in a neighbourhood where lots of noises usually occur, a burglar might use a strong tool to break your lock and get inside because nobody will hear them.

But most burglars use lock snapping. They can use tools such as pliers or hammers and snap your lock cylinder in less than one minute. Lock snapping is fast and does not require the burglar to have any special skill or use any unique tool, which is what makes lock snapping a common style of breaking into horns for burglars. 

Once your cylinder breaks into two, the burglar will have easy access to any further locking mechanism you might have. Locks that have a euro-cylinder profile and some that have protruding cylinders have a high risk of a burglar being successful using the lock snapping technique.

The solution to stopping this isn’t by getting a more reliable door, that will not help you as long as your lock is still weak and vulnerable to lock snapping. 

Below are some of the best anti-snap locks that are worth your money, and have low risks of being lock snapped.

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We believe this to be the best euro-cylinder lock you can get out there. If merged with a TS007 3-star certification, the Avocet Euro cylinder lock is well crafted to resist drilling, snapping, picking, and bumping. The lock has a diamond grade cylinder which was specifically made to withstand snapping attacks as it offers extra-strong and reliable security.

In most cases, the lock wouldn’t even need to show off its capabilities as most burglars would give up after a try or two. This is because the lock doesn’t only stand firm in preventing snapping, but it does more. The lock manufacturers added a unique feature to it, almost like a truck. Immediately it detects a wrong attempt; its molybdenum cam instantly locks into a position to further secure the lock. Impressive.

Molybdenum is much stronger than steel. In other words, the cam can resist and withstand any form of twisting and snapping that a burglar can attempt. Another cool feature that adds a layer of security to this lock made it one of the most secure locks in the UK is that the lock comes with a personal key card that is included with the lock and keys.

Without that specific card, nobody, not even a company locksmith, will be able to make copies of your keys. Also, another good thing about this lock is that it is straightforward to install. A locksmith can have it installed in less than 15 to 20 minutes. Unlike some locks that require a bit of drilling, with this lock you don’t need to drill. 

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There are many many types of high-security locks out there that can keep burglars out, or at least deny them entry. But amongst them all, we believe the EURO CYLINDER AVOCET ABS ANTI SNAP LOCK to be the best and most secured amongst the best euro cylinder locks. 

The Avocet lock costs £40-50 in the UK. You might even get it less in some online stores.