The door locks play an extremely important role in securing your home. A lot of residents, especially around the UK, prefer to use the standard euro-cylinder lock on their uPVC door. In our vicinity today, there is no lock as popular, readily available, easy to replace than the euro cylinder lock. It is available in almost every hardware store you visit. From the name, you can discern that it is pretty much a standard lock in many European countries. You can easily identify the euro lock by its shape. It has a cylindrical shape and has a round head which contains the lock mechanism and the lock keyway. One basic benefit of using a euro cylinder lock is the ease of replacement.

Standard Euro-Cylinder Lock on uPVC Door

Three benefits of a uPVC door

Here’s why a uPVC door is a great choice for your home and business needs:


UPVC doors and windows are known for their strength. It is very difficult to force open a uPVC door, especially when used with a high-security lock. Usually, a cheap inferior lock will undermine the security value of the door. Ensure you contact your locksmith to provide a key operated multipoint locking system or an anti-snap/anti-bump lock to complement the highly secured feature of the door. 

In addition to that, UPVC doors rarely rot or undergo any other form of deterioration. The quality polyvinyl chloride material used to create UPVC doors is not only rigid but resistant to fire and rust. 

Easy to maintain

With how busy our lives tend to be, we may not have enough time to look after our doors, but UPVC doors have a very low cost of maintenance and will not need looking after. It is not only resistant to weather and fade, but UPVC doors can also last for years with just occasional wiping. They are highly resilient. 


Unlike wooden doors that are affected by climate conditions, uPVC doors remain weather-resistant. This extends its durability. It also reduces the likelihood of the door becoming stiff and difficult to open – this often happens when wooden doors are exposed to dampness. UPVC is different; it is impervious to weather conditions and does not rot or rust. It is highly recommended for those who live at water-borne locations. The uPVC coating is also resistant to the damaging rays from the sun. This means that those with UPVC doors do not worry about their door losing quality in the long run because of UV (ultraviolet) ray exposure. 

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How to improve the security of your UPVC door

Here are some ways to bolster the security of your UPVC door:

Get an anti-snap lock

An experienced burglar can snap a lock in less than 15 minutes. Lock snapping is a rising security concern; it is a way of manipulating the lock while damaging the lock cylinder. So the best way to improve your UPVC security is by fixing an anti-snap lock. This will eradicate the likelihood of your lock being snapped by burglars. Most anti-snap locks are also difficult to pick, so it is a double benefit. 

High-security door handle 

A high-security door handle can be easily fixed to your UPVC door by a professional door. It has an extra-thick handle that protects the lock cylinder, which prevents lock bumping or snapping. A high-security door handle is great security hardware for your door. We recommend anyone you intend to buy should conform to the appropriate security standards. 

Sash Jammer

A sash Jammer can be used to complement the security of your UPVC doors. It does a great job of blocking force entry, even if a burglar successfully picks your lock. 

Hinge bolt

Hinge bolt provides additional security to your uPVC door by preventing forced entry. When fixed to your hinge, it will block your door from being lifted off from the bolt. 

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Five ways to improve the security of your euro lock

  • To improve the security of your home, upgrade your euro lock to the one that has two or three-star rating under TS 007 or that have the mark of Sold Secure Diamond Standard (SS312).
  • If you cannot change your lock by yourself, consider getting the service of a trustworthy, professional locksmith near you.
  • Request a quote for replacement of locks to the recommended standard and pick the one that aligns with your budget. 
  • Security hardware like sash jammers and hinge bolts can provide additional security and can deter burglars. Consider fitting them to your door.