Moving a safe due to a replacement or it is being carried out for repairs is not a task for any local locksmith. Especially when the safe weighs a lot and will require specialised tools and equipment to move it. Some of this equipment includes cranes, stair climbers, or trolleys. It is best to make sure that your safe is removed in a way that no damage is inflicted on it or the properties within. 

If you are moving a safe from one location to another, our MLA approved safe specialists will help you check the new site and confirm whether it is suitable enough to carry the weight of the safe before the moving process can commence. 

With the vast experience our locksmiths have with safe removing, relocation, and disposal, they have all the expertise and equipment to do a clean job. They face every safe removing task with confidence for success.

Reasons for safe removal

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It can prove quite tricky and dangerous to remove a safe. Each safe removal job comes with its very own characteristics. Whether it’s a complex delivery just outside, or moving it into a garage, or taking it upstairs in the attic.

Below are some of the reasons for safe removal

Disposing of an unwanted safe

If you have a large safe that is eating up a lot of space in your home or office, you might decide to take it out or sell it altogether. 

Relocating a safe

If you use a safe in your office, and you just got promoted to a new office, you can decide to transfer your safe to your new office. 

One room to another

You might want to have a safe move from one place to another. Perhaps if a safe is downstairs, you may decide to move it upstairs.

If you decide to move your safe for any reason at all, our MLA locksmiths can help. They can move your safe with the utmost care, using their technique, and strategy. So rather than putting yourself, or your property at risk by moving it yourself, call out an MLA expert and they’ll handle it for you. 

Types of safes that need to be moved or relocated

  • Free Standing Safes
  • Fire Proof Cabinets
  • Cash deposit safes
  • Underfloor safes (Seldom moved)
  • Vaults Relocation
  • Gun safes

There are other types of safes that you could find out there, and whether you want to move them from one premise to another, or from one room to another, or you want to dispose of it as you no longer want it, our MLA locksmiths can provide safe removal services to help you. 

The safe cabinet also comes in many types of sizes that many offices and homeowners do not have the proper equipment to move, in such a case, a specialised safe engineer can help move a Chubb safe, Yale, or Burton safe.

How to move a safe

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There are different methods that specialised engineers use in moving a safe from one place to another. Do remember that most safes weigh a lot and are very heavy to move. A specialist will need external types of equipment such as trolleys, cranes, and stair climbers, to move them. 

If you need a large safe moved or relocated, an MLA licensed locksmith can provide you with such services. A specialised safe engineer can also offer different advice on moving or relocating a safe to ensure that the safe is moved with utmost care to ensure the properties within are undamaged 

Below are some of the ways to move a safe:

  • Moving a safe from down to upstairs, or from up to downstairs.
  • Moving a safe through a window
  • Moving a safe using the shafts by going up and down. 

Safe moving is a process that is much more different from the usual locksmith services. And fortunately for you, our professional locksmiths who specialise in safe removing, and relocation have undergone extensive training. They have a vast experience in helping you move, or dispose of your safe without damaging it. 

Due to the extreme weight and size of most safes, they require special equipment to be moved. In order to protect yourself or property against any danger from moving a safe, you should hire the right people to do their job and help you move or dispose of your safe. 

Our MLA specialists provide services to just about anybody, both business clients and private clients. We provide service to anywhere that security is a priority. 

Our professional team is well trained and can provide you with any safe removal, relocation, or disposal service you need. So if ever you want to move a safe, relocate it, or you want to dispose of it, our MLA safe engineers can help.