The locksmith industry is among the most vibrant industries in the UK. Locksmith is an excellent career choice. Technology and digitalisation have brought in dramatic improvement and sophistication to locksmith services. Locksmiths are not just’ key and lock makers’ anymore. Today’s locksmiths are security consultants and experts. The building and construction industry depends on their services. This is responsible for the steep rise in the demand for locksmiths.

So if you are considering a career as a locksmith, then this article will be of immense help to your research.

Is Locksmith a Good Career

Who are locksmiths?

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Cambridge dictionary defines a locksmith as ‘a person who repairs and/or makes locks and supplies keys’. As you can tell, the definition is not only archaic but obsolete. Locksmiths today are skilled tradespersons or highly knowledgeable technicians. They are well versed in the business of repairing or installing or even modifying residential, automotive or commercial locks. Most locksmiths are well trained in the installation of security devices like CCTV surveillance cameras, security alarms, access control system, electronic locking system and other electronic security systems. While it is true that locksmiths are traditionally responsible for the duplication and cutting of keys and locks and are great at ‘defeating’ locks, their ability to go ‘digital’ with their services have enabled them to work as technicians who can install and service security devices. 

The truth is that the locksmith industry has gone through a lot of enormous changes in the last three decades. As earlier mentioned, locksmiths were traditionally involved in the locks, bolts, keys, combination locks – which are still widely used today. But the evolving security landscape has driven the need for the use of more innovative and advanced security tools and locks. ‘

We are in the age of digitalisation. This has brought about enormous opportunities, improvements, threats and vulnerabilities. This vulnerability is the reason why corporations and government parastatals are investing a lot of money in better and more advanced security infrastructure. Criminals are always looking for ways and strategising on how to exploit any loopholes in the security of residences and businesses. Which is why locksmiths must be able to keep paces with these changes and incorporate technology and digitalisation to their trade

What skills are necessary for a successful locksmith career?

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For you to succeed as a locksmith, you must be both dexterous and a good thinker. For you to be extremely good at whatever you do, you must be creative and have a good sense of fixing problems. The locksmith industry is currently undergoing lots of transformation and improvement. You will have to adapt to the needs of the customer, know about the latest technology that springs up in the market annually. Listed below are the four most crucial skills that will help you achieve a successful career as a locksmith:

Customer service skills

For you to be able to attract and retain clients, you must be able to create a positive experience for them. Customers want to be appreciated and appreciated. For you to serve them better, you must imbibe customer-centric attitudes such as responsiveness and the ability to communicate with them, empathy and the ability to understand the way your customers feel – frustrated, sad, desperate, happy – and communicate accordingly, patience and the ability to be calm/ level-headed and friendliness. Don’t forget that as a locksmith, you will have customers of varying personalities, and some will be frustrated when calling you out (probably because they can’t find the keys to their apartment at 4 am), ensure you communicate effectively. 

Mechanical aptitude

Locksmiths encounter tools every day, so showing a basic understanding of the relationship between mechanics, and the ability to understand mechanical principles is important. It can be translated to being good with your hands.

Business acumen

Also referred to as business savvy, it means the ability to improve business performance and growth. Every great business leader has this trait, especially those that have climbed the corporate ladder to the very top. Do you want to manage your own locksmith business? Then you must have an understanding of how the locksmith industry works, manage your spending and resources, be obsessed with being better than your competition, take calculated risks when necessary, be innovative and urgently driven to solve the problems of your customers. 


The locksmith industry is rapidly becoming digitalised. So for you to keep up with the changes, you must be well informed on the latest security technology like access entry system, cameras, security alarms etc.