Being locked out of your home or even your restroom can be very problematic. For you to know how to open a locked door by using a screwdriver is an essential skill that you should learn. 

So how do you open a locked door by using a screwdriver? All through this article, we will give the steps as well as illustrate the ideal methods of unlocking a door with a screwdriver.

How to open a locked door with a screwdriver

Damage and safety

Before talking about all the strategies for opening your door by simply using a screwdriver, you should, most importantly, realize that your wellbeing is of central concern. You should likewise be aware that at some point there may be some flying splinters.

In this manner, it is fundamental that you wear security gloves to ensure your hands are safe, put on eye goggles to shield your eyes from any flying splinters. You should be very well aware that you may end up destroying your lock or door, so there could be some damage that you should expect to fix later.

door, so there could be some damage that you should expect to fix later.

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Preventing a lock out from happening in the first place

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You should know and realize that keeping your keys safe to avoid having to undergo such situations is probably one of the best things you can do. And to do that, here are some things you can do:

  • Make spare keys for each lock in your home, so you will never be locked out.
  • Keep your home keys in a place where it can be almost impossible for you to forget. It’s one of the best ideas you can use.
  • The last thing will be to give spare keys with a trusted individual from your family or a trusted friend who doesn’t live very far away from you.

Now that you know some basic preventive measures, we will now show you three ways you can open your locked door without a key by using a screwdriver.

For Interior Doors

Screwdrivers are ideal for opening interior doors, particularly if these doors have security handles. Doors with security handles have a small opening on the handle. This handle is the part that you will exploit to get your locked door open.

You will need to push a thin flathead screwdriver or an eyeglass screwdriver through the opening as far as you possibly can and afterwards begin to twist and turn until you feel a specific tick. This implies that your door has opened

By removing the Doorknob

This method works well for in-house because it is not going to work on any door that has a high-security level. This means that you cannot use it to open your front door and let’s be frank if someone spots you trying to remove a front door’s knob, he will waste no time in calling the cops, especially in a place like the U.K. This method of unlocking your door can be a long one and is going to require a lot of accuracy and patience during the process.

In order to unlock your door using this method, you have to locate the door handles mounting screws as they are the only thing holding down the door handle and locks in one place. For most doors, they are less difficult to locate, so if you can easily find them on your door, you can easily remove them by using the screwdriver.

By taking off the Hinges

This is the most difficult, and most damaging step of them all because you will be taking off your door’s hinges by making use of both a hammer and a flathead screwdriver. You have to insert and wedge the screwdriver between the bottom knuckle and the pin, afterwards, you now tap the handle of the screwdriver downwards using a hammer, you can tap it in a downward motion. 

Finally, once you know and feel that the pin and head have become loose enough, then you can proceed and take them off. Unfortunately, you must repeat the same process with every hinge on your door until you can remove them all successfully. 

Final Thoughts

Learning to unlock your door by using a screwdriver underscores the importance of keeping screwdrivers at home. They are helpful tools that are not only used for unscrewing bolts.

So if you don’t want to call a locksmith to help you unlock your door, remember you can use a screwdriver by taking off the hinges with a hammer or remove the door handle by taking off the mountain screws.

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