A lot of people get locked out of their house. It is a very frustrating affair, and it is where the skill of opening a locked door with a knife will come handy. It is noteworthy that lock picking with a knife is not going to be easy. By lock picking, we mean trying to copy the functionality of a key by manipulating the lock pins and internal mechanism of a lock. Some knives are quite bulky, which contributes to their ineffectiveness, though their sharp tips offer some precision, knives with larger blades may be difficult to stick into the keyway accurately. Knives are dangerous objects; some persons have injured themselves while trying to use a sharp-tipped knife to pick locks. We advise you to use a scraper knife or any table knife. 

How to Open a Locked Door With a Knife

What kind of knife is great for picking doors?

As we emphasised earlier, knives are very dangerous objects, and while using them to pick locks, they can accidentally slip and injure you. So desist from using a very sharp knife to pick your door lock, instead use a scraper knife or a table knife. The size of the knife should be identical to the size of the lock. A small knife with a razor-sharp point for smaller locks.

What type of lock can you unlock with a knife?

Knives can be used effectively to unlock door locks that have a spring-loaded mechanism. This type of door lock has a latch which uses a spring to move it into position. A knife can easily be used to retract the latch and unlock the door. The push-button doorknob can also be unlocked with a knife

Easy techniques for unlocking your door with a knife

Here are some procedures for unlocking your door with a knife:

  • Stick a knife with a small blade into the keyhole of the lock and wiggle. The knife’s blade has to be inserted into the very end of the lock. As you continue wiggling, listen for a click from the lock – a signal that the lock is opening. 
  • Another method is using the knife to retract the door latch. This can be done by fixing the knife at the gap between the door and the door’s striker plate – the metal plate with a hole cut out of it. Try to push the latch to the side using the knife’s blade. If you continue doing that with a steady amount of force, the door will unlock. 
  • The third method is by using the knife as a turning tool, instead of a picking tool in addition to using other objects such as paper clips or lock picks – which won’t have problems fitting precisely in the keyhole. You will have to be extra careful with the knife when using this method. Apply a little bit of force while pushing the knife’s blade into the keyhole – remember to leave enough space above the knife for the auxiliary tool. Insert the paper clip or lock pick into the lock. This is done to push the pin away from the lock. Remember to use an adequate amount of force on the lock. 

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Alternatives to using a knife to pick a lock

Tension wrench/ screwdriver

Tension wrench can be used to rotate the lock keyway forcefully. It is an indispensable lock pick tool. It has an ‘L’-shape, which is built for applying a pressure on the lock pin while picking a lock. But you have to be careful not to damage your lock while using a tension wrench. A flat head screwdriver can also serve as an improvised lock picker – when you cannot find a tension wrench. The screwdriver is long, thin and has a tip that is small enough to fit the keyway. One great benefit of a screwdriver is that it is strong enough to be used to manipulate the lock mechanism – that is what lock picking is all about. 

Credit card

A plastic card that is pliable, flexible and malleable enough to push the latch of a spring-loaded lock will be ideal – credit/debit card, gift card, old hotel key card etc. Ensure whatever card you would want to use is not currently of much value to you because the likelihood of the card becoming damaged is high. It is noteworthy that a card cannot be used to open a door with a deadlock. 

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Hire a professional locksmith

The best option is to hire a professional locksmith near you. It will reduce the likelihood of damaging your lock. A locksmith is highly skilled in unlocking doors of all kinds and will be pleased to help you.