One of the most frequently asked questions our clients ask us is ‘how much does it cost to replace a Banham lock?’. We are pretty sure you have thought about that question frequently and have made a lot of research online in a bid to find out more details.

This article will thoroughly analyse some facts about Banham lock replacement cost. 

A professional locksmith can replace and even upgrade all types of lock – including Banham locks – in any home. As a matter of fact, we always advise homeowners of ten years and above to change their lock at least once. Neglecting your lock can have serious consequences – it will reduce your lock’s performance, leaving your home vulnerable to break-in and burglary.

It is in your best interest to replace your lock from time to time. It will give you an insight into the effectiveness of your lock. At times, a lock needs to change soon after installation – especially after a home was burgled or due to a misplaced key. 

There are several terms associated with lock replacement. It will be great you have an idea of some of these terms, as it will help you know what you are paying for. For instance, if your house has been burgled and your lock is damaged, you will have to call a locksmith to either replace your lock or repair the damaged lock – though we will advise that in situations of that kind, you should upgrade or replace your lock because someone has circumvented it. On the other hand, whenever you misplace your key, you should get a locksmith to rekey your lock –it will save you expenses. 

When trying to find out which service fits in your need as you will also consider the cost of replacing the lock. There are some factors you have to be aware of when finding out the cost of replacing your Banham lost.

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Factors that influence the costs of replacing a Banham lock

Date and Time

The cost of hiring a locksmith goes up during times that are best described as inconvenient. For instance, a locksmith may increase charges for replacing a Banham lock from the hours of 8 pm to 7 am. A locksmith may also charge you higher if you want to replace more than one Banham locks because of prices of new locks and long labour hours. However, this is subject to confirmation.

Type/Brand of lock

Banham lock is a high-security lock, which means increased charges for lock replacement. Usually, every brand of locks has a separate cost of replacement. The cost of replacing a mortice lock is not the same as that of a euro lock. 

Size of job

Locksmiths typically charge an hourly rate. It doesn’t take much time for a locksmith to replace a single lock – forty to fifty minutes. In the event where you need a replacement of all the locks in your house, then the hourly charges increase.

Estimated Cost of Locksmith charges 

ServiceAverage Cost
House Lockout£65 – £185
Commercial Lockout£70 – £200
Rekey House£50 – £130 + £20/lock
Replace Locks on House (Banham locks included)£80 – £200
Drilling Door for Lock Install£95 – £150
Key Extraction£75 – £140
Key Duplication£1 – £10
House Key Replacement£50 – £100

These costs vary tremendously. We advise you to contact a professional locksmith and request a quote. Some locksmiths will prefer to have a look at the lock before giving you their price.

Why replace your Banham lock?

The following are convincing reasons why you need to hire a professional locksmith to replace or upgrade your Banham lock.

  • If you have misplaced or lost your keys, replacing your lock is your best bet that someone won’t use that key to access your house. The worst-case scenario is if your keys have been stolen – you have to replace your lock as soon as possible.
  • With all the comfort and joy of moving into a new home, it is imperative to replace the lock in the interest of your family’s safety. You do not know how many people have the duplicate keys of that house.
  • If you have noticed that your door lock mechanism is faulty – then you need to quickly replace the lock. A faulty door lock will leave you prone to burglars and domestic thefts. In some cases, it may lead to a lockout – extremely frustrating situation. 
  • Sometimes divorce or separation may not go favourably well. In such cases, you may want to replace your lock to prevent your partner from having unauthorised entry into your home.

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