You need the services of a locksmith for a number of reasons. It might be to change your locks if you’ve just moved into a new house and you’re worried about the security because you’re unsure who might be in possession of a key. Or, you might feel the need to upgrade the security of your home by upgrading to a more secured lock on your new property.  

And if you didn’t just move into a new home, a locksmith‘s assistance will be needed if you were a victim of a break-in or burglary. They can help you in changing the locks of your house to avoid further break-ins. And conversely, if you are a Landlord or building manager, you will need the services of a locksmith if a tenant moves out and does not return the keys.

How much is a locksmith call out charge?

Locksmith Call-out charges

Some locksmiths, both local and company locksmiths, charge for call-outs. A call-out charge is a fee you pay a locksmith for getting them to come all the way down to your location, even if they haven’t started working on your property. Some locksmiths do not charge for call-outs, but it is always best to confirm if they do, before calling them out.

If any locksmith charges for calling them out, it means you will pay them regardless of whether they repair your lock, door, or key. Majority of locksmith companies don’t charge for call-outs, but most private locksmiths do, which is why we always advise that you double-check and confirm before calling them out.

Call out fees in the U.K. 

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If you’re considering calling out a locksmith, and you’re worried about the call-out charge. You should confirm with the company or private locksmith on the phone, and know the price before calling them out. However, the average fee for calling out a locksmith is around £80 for the labour work. If you are calling out an emergency locksmith, they could charge from £90 above, as they provide 24-hour service.

Once again, the majority of approved, and profound locksmith companies will not charge you for a call-out. They will charge you for the labour and any part they had to use for the job. However, this is just an estimation of the call-out charge. Most locksmiths will demand to see the problem, and then give you an overall cost, including the call-out charge.

Factors that can determine a locksmith Call-out charge

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Date and time

A locksmith will be forced to charge you more than the usual fee if you call them out at an inappropriate time. For instance, if you call out an emergency locksmith by 11:00 PM on Wednesday, the call-out charge will be more expensive than if you call out an emergency locksmith by 9:00 AM on Wednesday.

Do not expect a locksmith to charge you the exact amount at 10:00 AM, and charge you the same at 12:00 AM. 

And depending on the kind of job, let’s say the number of locks that need changing, that will also serve as a factor in the overall cost of the work. If the emergency locksmith has to take out a broken key, without using any tools, you will only have to pay for call-outs and labour. Such a job will be less expensive. 

Engaging a locksmith to work during regular working hours will be less expensive than hiring them to work late at night, weekends or holidays.

Size of the job

Some locksmiths charge for only what is required of them, and by the hour. So if you only have one lock that needs changing, a locksmith will have it done in less than an hour, and make you pay just for that. But, if you’ve just moved into a new apartment, home, or property, and you want to change all the locks you met on the doors and windows, then a locksmith will charge you more. 

They will charge for the job size and the hours of labour required to have the job completed. It is advisable to confirm the kind of locks your doors have, whether they are unusual locks or standard locks. Majority of locksmiths carry around standard locks. But if they have to order for a certain part, the locksmith will have to go and come back to your location, causing you an extra hour charge or more for labour.

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We recommend you call out Approved company locksmiths for your locksmith services, as they usually do not charge for call-outs, and they don’t charge for labour or any other thing until they have done the job and you are satisfied with it. Watch out for locksmiths with a ridiculous call-out charge; they are usually not approved locksmiths.