Perhaps you just arrived at your new house, apartment, or property; it is highly recommended that you change all the existing locks on them. This is because the old tenants, owners, or someone else entirely might have the keys to the existing locks, and you don’t want them getting access into your house uninvited, which is why it is advisable for all new tenants, and homeowners to change their locks.

The standard house should have a front door, back door, garage door, window, and gate locks. And if you’ve just moved in newly, you will need to replace the locks on all of them for better security. 

The cost of a locksmith replacing or changing the locks in your home can vary in different ways. Such as the type of lock you wish you have a replacement for. For instance, mortice locks are known to be more expensive than euro Cylinder locks. So if you want the locksmith to change the existing locks in your house to a mortice lock, it would cost you more, than if you ask them to install euro Cylinder locks instead. 

Also, if you have a big house, with several doors, windows, and entrances, it will take a locksmith longer than usual to change all the locks in your house, which would invite Additional costs as well. A locksmith could change the locks for an average home in less than 20 minutes, but if you have plenty of doors, windows, and any other thing you wish to change its lock, it could take a locksmith more than an hour to complete the job. 

You’d have to consider the time spent and the labour rates paid on changing your house locks. Locksmiths have no government licensing, which means they can charge any amount they like. However, the average cost estimate that a locksmith can charge is £350. This is merely an estimate, and considering the number of doors, and windows in your house, the type of locks you choose a replacement, and the time spent on the job, all these factors will be determined in the overall cost.

So, to summarise, the cost of having your house locks changed will often depend on these factors:

How much does it cost to change locks on a house

Type of lock

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If you want a locksmith to replace the existing locks with an expensive one, a locksmith will charge you more for the job. Expensive locks are often sometimes more complicated to install than average locks. But if you want better security, and rest of mind, it is better to have experience locks installed. 

Amount of doors and windows you have

If your house is a massive one, then you’re going to have more than just one front door, and back door. So if you have several entries, windows, and entrances in your house that you want to have their locks changed, that is also going to cost you much more than having one or two doors and windows. 

The time required

Similar to the above factor, if you have several doors and windows in your home, it will take a locksmith longer than usual to complete the work. A locksmith will charge you less if they have to spend 30 minutes changing locks and will charge you more if they spend up to an hour changing the locks on your house.  

Labour rates

This is one of the most common factors to consider, and locksmiths themselves often charge more from this factor than any other. So it has to do with the type of lock you want a locksmith to install for you, and considering all the above factors above, a locksmith will usually charge an overall fee after the work is done. 

Time and day

The cost of changing your house locks will also depend on the time and day you call out a locksmith. For instance, if you call out a locksmith to change your locks by 10 AM on Monday, that will be cheaper than if you call out a locksmith to change your locks by 10 PM on Monday. 

And conversely, it will cost you more to call out a locksmith on holiday than calling out a locksmith on a normal day. For instance, a locksmith will charge you more to change your locks on the 4th of July, and less if you call them out on a typical day. 

Some locksmiths charge more on weekends as well. So if you call out a locksmith on Saturday, it’s going on be more expensive than calling out a locksmith on Wednesday. 

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Other factors could determine the cost of changing your locks, and some costs can never be determined until the locksmith has completed the job. 

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