Locks are relevant in our daily lives, and we can all agree on that I’m sure. We all sometimes crave to live in an imaginative world where we can leave our doors open without worry, and keep calm that our belongings will remain untouched, and unharmed. Sadly, such a world doesn’t exist. 

Locks are an essential component of security in our lives. They help keep our properties safe at homes, offices, and even schools. And any door that lacks a lock is at the risk of being burgled, broken in, and losing possessions.. And not just your properties, a door without a lock poses a risk to anyone living in the house. 

Furthermore, neglecting a faulty lock and failing to repair or have it replaced is just the same as not having a lock at all, and it can cause some Expensive implications to you if you don’t take action. If you carefully examine your contents insurance and building, the chances are that you will stumble upon several clauses that state your duty to ensure you are taking care of securing your belongings. 

And when a door doesn’t lock, it, therefore, becomes a reason for your insurer to dispute having to pay out, should you ever become a victim of such crime. Your door lock may be working well and fine, but there are some reasons why you should consider changing it:

Reasons to change your lock on a uPVC door

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Lost keys

If you Misplaced or lost your house keys, and you have no spare keys, you should consider changing the locks of your door. You may ask why you need to change a lock that is perfectly fine. Well, the reason is that you have no idea who outside might get a hold of your keys and if they have bad intentions, they might break into your home. 

But if you change your lock, that keeps you a step ahead of any evildoer. 

Moving into a new home

it’s fascinating the number of people moving into new homes in the United Kingdom tends to keep the locks used by the former homeowners or tenants. If you don’t know these people, or even if you did, it is never a good idea to retain the keys they left. You should ask yourself if: Did they drop all the keys with the building manager? Can they be trusted? 

However, the best thing to do is to change your locks, and have new uPVC locks installed on your door. You never know if the previous tenants had lost the key one time, and they didn’t change the lock. Which means if someone happens to have those keys, that someone could have access to your house.

You’ve been a burglary victim recently

If your home was recently burgled, or broken in, then you’re not far from feeling vulnerable. You cannot trust the existing lock to keep you or your properties safe. Even if the locks look and seem fine, they could’ve been compromised in some way. It is better to change them. 

So how much will a locksmith charge to change a lock on a uPVC door?

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uPVC locks have gained a significant increase in usage in the last two decades or more. One of the main purposes for that is due to its inbuilt multi-point locking system that provides a better security level for users. The cost of changing a multi-point lock, or a similar lock to it for fitting in a uPVC door, is probably going to cost around £40 to £50.

However, there are factors attached to the changing of a lock that could determine the overall price of the job. It will be less costly to call out a local locksmith than employing a professional locksmith. Local locksmiths don’t always do the best jobs, which is why we highly recommend you call out professional locksmiths for any key or lock-related work.

Other factors will be dependent on the time, day, and location. It will be less expensive to call out a locksmith on Monday morning and will be more costly to call out a locksmith on Saturday evening. Conversely, if a locksmith has to travel far to your location, that will also be a factor in the overall cost. 

Some locksmiths also charge for callouts, while some don’t. For those who do, you should consider confirming the price of a callout before actually calling them out to avoid excessive callout fees.

But you can anticipate the cost to be from £80 to £150, with a profound, approved locksmith company.

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