You left your home, went for work, and perhaps you went to visit an old friend, and after coming back home, you realize you’ve lost your key, with no idea on where to start looking. So, you consider calling a locksmith, but you wonder how much does it cost to call a locksmith?

And if it so happens that none of your neighbours use the same key as you, or even if they did, unless you’re close to them, it would sound a bit awkward to approach them and ask for their house key to open yours.

So you choose to go the typical route. Which is call out a professional locksmith to help you out. Locksmiths are the heroes when it comes to this sort of thing.

Be it losing your house key, car key, or whatever type of key you have. As long as you lose a key, a locksmith is just a phone call away in the UK.

Now despite knowing that a locksmith is the only person that can help you get back into your home without breaking your keyhole or knocking down your door entirely, you might also be wondering how much it’ll cost you to have a locksmith come all the way down to your house and help you with your problem.

Now when it comes to determining the cost of calling out a locksmith, there are certain factors to consider:

1- Price of changing & Replacing Locks

If you’re planning on calling out a locksmith, then you need to know the price of your lock. Expensive doors come with fragile door locks. Which means if a locksmith is to come down to change your doorlock, depending on the kind of lock your door has, that will determine how much it will cost you to call out a locksmith.

And depending on the amount of time a locksmith spends trying to change your lock, they might charge you over £80 for an hour for replacing your lost house keys.

2- Price of opening a door & unlocking a locked house

In the UK, for instance, most locksmiths charge based on the time spent and the labour they put into working on your property. If a locksmith spends up to 20 minutes helping you unlock your door, they could charge up to £90 for a standard euro cylinder type of lock.

Locksmith working on a door lock - How Much Does It Cost To Call Out A Locksmith

But if your lock is more complicated and more difficult to crack, maybe a garage door lock, a locksmith could charge around £80 to £90 for 30 minutes.

But if it takes them longer, a locksmith who spend more time trying to unlock your door, automatically means you’ll have to pay them more money.

3- Your location is a significant price determinant

Your Location is a significant factor to consider if you’re trying to figure out how costly it’s going to be for you to call out a locksmith. Let’s say you live in London, for instance, or Manchester, this means that it will cost you more to get a top grade London locksmith to come to your aid.

And if you live far from a locksmith, or you have no single local locksmith shop close to your home, this means you’ll be calling out a locksmith from a far distance. This also means that the locksmith is going to charge you an extra for the trip.

4- Working hours

This is important as well and is one of the most important things to note when calling out a locksmith. Working hours! If you get back home late at night and realise you lost your key, it might be too late to call out a locksmith.

And you need to get into the house. So what you do is try to reach out for an emergency locksmith that works for 24 hours. It may be hard to get one. But they usually work past their working hours.

If a locksmith closes shop by 7:00 PM, and you’re in dire need of one at 9:00 PM, an emergency locksmith will come to your aid, but they’ll charge you more because it’s past regular working hours.

5- Emergencies

This has to do with locksmiths who work 24 hours. This means that they’re always open and have no closing time. Where such locksmiths are needed are usually in terms of car trouble. Such as losing your car keys.

Most car owners often run into emergencies that need instant resolving, only to realise that they can’t find their car keys.

In such a case you’ll need to call out an emergency locksmith to come help you open your car doors. Changing a car lock is much easier than that of a house. You’d be surprised how instant a locksmith will open your car door.

Such emergency locksmiths will charge you from £100 above and depending on the type of work.


The cost of calling out a locksmith in the United Kingdom can differ from each of the locksmith companies. Just as stated above, the prices are different due to the several factors attached.

Such as the kind of lock, time of the day, and time spent working. In the UK, there is no government licensing for locksmiths.

In other words, this means that locksmiths can charge what theyfeel will suffice for the work done. A locksmiths call out cost could range from £10 to £100.

But if you’re lucky, you may have to pay nothing as some locksmiths companies do not charge for call outs. So that is how much it will cost you to call a locksmith.