There are many reasons why you will require the assistance of a locksmith. Did you forget your car keys in the car and unintentionally locked them inside the car? You’re going to need a locksmith. So, how much does it cost to call out a locksmith?

Did you unintendedly lock yourself out of the house? Have you lost your keys? Broke them? You’re going to need a locksmith to help with any of these.

Locksmiths also provide other services other than just rekeying a lock, changing a lock, fitting a lock, and helping you open doors. A locksmith can also open a safe, and help with window locks. Most locksmith companies also provide safe moving services. If you’re using a very large safe and you want to move it to a new location, you will need a locksmith service.

Cost of calling a locksmith

Different factors determine the cost of calling a locksmith. Below are some of the factors:

Size of Job Determine Locksmith Cost

Depending on how large the work you have for a locksmith is, that is going to be a strong factor in determining the cost to call out the locksmith. If a locksmith has to come all the way down to you and provide you with any key, door or lock services you need, they will charge you for the call out, and after they’ve analysed the job, they’ll charge you depending on how large the job is.

Call out charges

cost of a locksmith in UK

Majority of locksmiths companies do not charge for calling them out, but most local locksmiths charge for callouts. For the companies who do Charge for callouts, their callout charges can range from £60 to £90. Typically, a respectable locksmith company shouldn’t charge customers for call outs.

If a locksmith charges you for callouts, it means you have to pay them money just for arriving at the scene. They haven’t started working yet, but they’ll charge you for calling them out whether they solve your problem or not.

We advise you find locksmiths near you that do not charge for callouts. Some locksmiths, if you don’t ask, they will not tell. They won’t tell you about a callout charge until they have completed the job, and out of nowhere, they’ll add it to the overall cost. We highly recommend you confirm with a locksmith first of all whether they charge for callouts or not.

Time of Day Affects Locksmith Cost

This is also amongst the most popular and most common factors in determining a locksmith’s cost. Time of day factor is mostly considered for emergency locksmiths because they provide 24-hour services to any in need. Emergency locksmiths will charge you extra if you call them out when it is past the regular working hours.

  • For instance, if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere by 3:00 AM midnight because of a car key problem, an emergency locksmith can help you out, but they’re going to charge you extra for the time of the job.

And similarly, if you call a locksmith on weekdays,  there’s going to be an additional cost as well. A typical locksmith’s working day is Monday to Friday. So if you call out a locksmith outside these days, there’s going to be extra costs. For instance, if you call out a locksmith on Sunday, it’s going to be more expensive than calling out a locksmith on Tuesday.

Similarly, the same thing goes for holidays and public holidays. If you find yourself in an emergency locksmith situation on Christmas day, calling a locksmith out on such a day is going to be much more expensive than calling them out on a regular day.

Conclusion On How Much Does It Cost To Call A Locksmith

In most aspects, it is usually free to call out a locksmith. But just as we discussed above, you should always confirm if they charge for callouts or not, to avoid an excessive callout charge. Also, always call a locksmith from a reputable locksmith company. Using a profound locksmith company will ensure that you have access to locksmiths in case you want to get in touch or contact them about a complaint.

Whereas if you use a local individual locksmith, once they fix your door or lock they are gone. The same applies if they help you with your car key if they are car key locksmiths as well. There’s seldom any way of tracing them. Most locksmiths are fine with receiving payment via credit cards.

Don’t easily trust a locksmith that does not accept payment via credit card. If you pay with cash, it means the money cannot be traced. While, if you pay with a credit card, you can always contact the locksmith or locksmith company for any problem. The problem you might encounter with the work the locksmith did may vary so keep his number handy.