Surely you must’ve been in a circumstance where you’re locked out of your house, or you’ve lost your keys, then you’re going to need a locksmith to help you get back inside your home. Locksmiths tend to consider several factors in determining the price of a job done. And in most cases, it depends on the door you want to open. 

Perhaps you forgot your car keys in the car; you could call out a locksmith and have them open your car door. That amounts to a different cost. But if you want to open your house door, which is the most common reason why people call out locksmiths, it’s not very expensive depending on the type of lock or door you have. 

Some homeowners hire locksmiths to have open garage doors. Most garage doors are usually locked with high-security keys, which makes them more prominent, more complicated to open without the actual keys. Conversely, some doors are like that as well. If you’re using one of these modern high-security doors, a locksmith might have a hard time getting in, and they’re going to include that in the total charge. 

In this article, we’re going to be giving you detailed information on the cost of opening a door in the UK and several factors that locksmiths consider in charging you.

How Much Does It Cost for a Locksmith to Open a Door

Types of doors

You must know the type of door you have in your house. If you’re unable to hire a professional locksmith, if you call out a local locksmith, they might ask you the type of door you have in order for them to know the kind of tools they should come with. Some local locksmiths do that. But if you’re calling out a professional company locksmith, they always arrived loaded with the necessary tools. 

So, a locksmith is going to charge you based on the type of door you want them to open. 

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uPVC doors

If you get locked out of your apartment or house and can’t get in, then a locksmith will have you change your door lock or rekey your locks. uPVC doors are one of the most secured doors you can have. So, if you’re using a uPVC door and you locked yourself out, a locksmith will arrive and see what he can do. 

If you’re lucky, it will be only the cylinder that will have to be replaced. If that is the case, it is going to be cheaper for you than if the entire mechanism of your door is changed. When your whole door mechanism is changed, then you know there’s a serious problem. 

The average euro-cylinder costs around £50, although the price may differ depending on the model, or security. If only your cylinder needs replacing, a locksmith will charge you from £30 upward. In the case whereby your entire door mechanism needs to be changed, that will prove more labour work for the locksmith, and they will charge you anything from £60.

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Wooden doors

Wooden doors are also one of the most common doors out there. Perhaps less secure than uPVC locks but they do offer the same protection. Wooden doors have two types of locks: A night latch and mortise locks.

Night Latch Locks

A night latch lock is also known as ‘Yale Lock.’ And just like a uPVC lock, if you’re changing the cylinder and the cylinder alone due to security reasons or if you lost your keys, a locksmith is going to charge you less. A locksmith will replace your Yale lock cylinder from £20 above. 

However, if you want to go full-time security and want to have a locksmith change the entire night-latch of your lock, then it’s going to cost you a lot more than just changing the cylinder. If you want a whole lock replacement, a locksmith will charge you £40 upward. 

Mortise Locks

 If your Wooden door uses a mortice lock that needs to be replaced, a locksmith can charge you from £45. You will also have to include the cost of the replaced lock to your locksmith’s labour charge. Mortice locks also have two different levers. Three levers are less expensive compared to a five-lever mortice lock. And then there’s the three lever mortice lock that is going well with Internal doors.

Locksmiths charge from £45 upward to replace a lever five mortice lock. For levers 2 and 3, try can charge from £25 above. 


A locksmith considers several factors when determining what to charge you. But if it has to do with opening doors, a locksmith shouldn’t charge much. But just as we mentioned above, it depends on the type of door and the type of lock the door has. Also, don’t forget to include a locksmith’s labour cost when calculating charges. 

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