There are few things as annoying as misplacing your house keys. Keys are essential objects which we take along with us everywhere we go. So the frustration is understandable and only natural when you realise that your key is lost and you have been locked out. You begin to worry about the charges for a lost key or if the key is in the hands of criminals and can be burgled. A very exhaustive experience. According to the latest studies, more than 10,000 doors are discarded in the rubbish tip because of misplaced keys. What this shows is that the likelihood of misplacing your keys is a bit high. It is advisable not panic or fret about. Do not damage your property.

In this article, we will explain in full details the charges for a lost key, steps to take if you have misplaced your keys.

How much does a tenant charge for a lost key

Tenancy charges for lost keys

According to the new UK ‘Tenant fee act of 2019’ took effect in June 2019, the law states that:

Tenants are liable to the actual cost of replacing any lost key(s) or other security device(s). If the loss results in locks needing to be changed, the actual costs of a locksmith, new lock and replacement keys for the tenant, landlord any other persons requiring keys will be charged to the tenant. If extra costs are incurred there will be a charge of £15 per hour (inc. VAT) for the time taken replacing lost key(s) or other security device(s).

What can a tenant do if he loses his house key?

Spare key

There is no solution for a lost house key that is as easy and stress-free as this. It is why spare keys are necessary. Spare keys are hidden in unexpected or secret places. People hide their spare keys under a stone, on a tree, inside the dog house, under the deck etc. If you are proactive enough to have a spare key, then you get it from the secret spot in the event where you misplace your key.

What if you do not have a spare key? 

Your landlord or apartment manager may have the key duplicates to your door; you have to ask to be sure. Some landlords usually keep master keys for use in the case of emergencies. Endeavour to check with your landlord. 

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Look for another route of entry

The major route for getting into your house may be the front door, but there are other ways you can gain access to your house. Some houses have back doors. Others have side doors. In the event where you can’t find your house keys, you can check for unlocked doors or even windows. 

Though it is unlikely that a door or window will be left unlocked, it is not impossible. So give it a try. We do not advise you to destroy your window or door in desperation. It is a bad decision that will leave you with extra cost to bear. It is also possible that someone may call the police on you because you may be mistaken for an intruder or thief. 

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Attempt to bypass your door lock

So when none of the above suggestions produces positive results, what else can you do? Try to bypass your door lock by picking it. You can use various tools like paper clips, bump keys and the likes. Though it is not easy and you will have to be very good at hacking a door lock. It is very strenuous and requires so much effort. 

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Get the service of a locksmith 

A great solution is hiring a reliable and professional locksmith. Most locksmiths offer emergency service and will come to your rescue at any time of the day or night. Locksmiths are highly competent and can proffer prompt and effective solutions in lock and key matters. A locksmith will give you a long-lasting, secured and practical solution whenever you misplace your keys and need entry into your house. 

Most importantly, when hiring a locksmith, make sure he is trustworthy and has the expertise to complete the job. It is important to seek the service of a locksmith if you want a solution that will not damage your lock or breach your home security. So hiring a locksmith is the best option.