If you live in the UK, you must be wondering how much locksmiths charge Per hour. Depending on the type of work you want a locksmith to handle for you, that is what is going to determine the amount of money a UK locksmith will charge you per hour.

Locksmiths can be relatively expensive in the UK, but different locksmiths charge differently in per hour
basis. If a UK locksmith spends up to an hour changing or replacing your car or house keys, they could charge from £80 above.

And while some locksmiths may charge you more, some might even get the job done in less than an hour.

Below are some of the price ranges and types of work that locksmiths charge per hour in the UK:

1- The travel distance

If you’re calling out a locksmith who is quite far from you, other than the money they’ll charge for the work itself, they’ll also charge you for the travel fee.

Your location has a significant effect when a locksmith is charging you.

2- The type of lock

Mortice locks

Different locksmiths charge differently. Most locksmiths in the UK will charge you from the type of lock you have. If a locksmith spends up to an hour changing a mortice lock, they might charge you over £170.

If your door is a patio door lock, they may charge you up to £200 for an hour.

A few locksmiths out there might charge you a bit more to unlock a mortice type of lock, because a
mortice lock usually takes longer to open than most euro locks.

Garage locks

Replacing garage door locks are relatively expensive, and most locksmiths in the UK might as well charge you from £90 above for 30 minutes and will charge you close to £200 for an hour.

uPVC door

When it comes to replacing an anti-snap euro cylinder on a uPVC door, locksmiths can
charge up to £300 an hour. Most anti-snap doors are expensive and can be complicated to fix, even
for some professional locksmiths, which makes it far more costly.

If your uPVC door happens to have the primary cylinder type of lock, those shouldn’t be hard to crack, but not all uPVC locks are easy to unlock.

Some will require professional or specialist tools combined with the knowledge, that alone will cause a locksmith to charge you more. And as for Yale lock on wooden doors, locksmiths can charge £180 for an hour’s work.

3- Replacing your lost keys

Locksmiths charge separately in terms of locks and keys. The most crucial factor that locksmiths consider
when charging you for changing your keys is the labour. The labour cost is the most considerate factor as long as the essential replacement goes. Some locksmiths also do not charge hourly rates; they charge according to the price of the replacement key and the labour cost.

Locksmith changing door locks - How Much Do Locksmiths Charge Per Hour - UK

Furthermore, the hourly rate of a locksmith can rate from £70 per hour. Some locksmiths can get the job
done in less than an hour, such as changing the lock and fitting it. But specific repair jobs might take
longer to get done.

4- Out of working hours / Emergency locksmiths

How much an emergency locksmith charges and how much a standard locksmith charges within usual or
reasonable working hours are usually the same because locksmiths offer mobile services to customers.

Emergency locksmiths usually work past working hours. Most emergency locksmiths will charge you
from £75 to £80 per hour. Also, since they’re available for 24 hours, you ought to expect their prices to rise above a reasonable rate when it’s past midnight and weekends.

Also, depending on how far the locksmith is coming from, the hourly charge may increase.

5- London locksmiths

Locksmiths in London are usually more expensive than those in the UK. The hourly charge of a London locksmith is usually from £80 per hour, generally for labour charges.

Due to London’s no-nonsense law on congestion
and parking rules, the locksmith has to pay from his own pockets.

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The charge of hiring an emergency locksmith in London can range from £95 to £100 per hour. Also, if
you’re calling out a locksmith on weekends and special holidays, be aware that the prices might increase in such situations.

Also, let’s say you call out an emergency locksmith on Monday at 9:00 PM, it’s going to be less expensive than calling out a locksmith at 9:00 PM on a Sunday or specific holiday.

And depending on the sort of work you want the locksmith to do, some types of emergency jobs can take longer to complete.

For instance, unlocking a locked door is going to be way cheaper, and faster than completely replacing or
changing the overall locking mechanism of your door.