Feeling secure at home is essential to everyone. The most important aspect of home security is your door lock. The lock on your door is your house’s first line of defence. It is immaterial if you have a state-of-the-art security architecture if you neglect your door lock, then you will face some security issue in the long run.

A lot of people ask ‘why long does it take to change a lock?’, ‘how much does it cost to change a lock?’ You may get slightly different answers to these questions, as peculiar security needs slightly vary but be rest assured we have addressed all concerns below.

How Long Does It Take to Change a Lock

How long does it take to change my lock?

The time it takes to change your lock may vary. It depends on what type of door or kind of lock you intend to install. For instance, a standard euro cylinder lock may take about three to five minutes to change. On the other hand, a night latch lock may take up to ten minutes to twenty-five minutes to change. A mortice lock may take up to ten minutes to change. Majority of lock changes or replacement can be done in an hour time. It is advisable to contact a professional locksmith who will give you details on the exact time duration it will take to change your lock and the cost.

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Should I Attempt to Change the Lock myself?

It is not advisable to do that. You can easily cause serious damage to your lock. We recommend you call a professional locksmith who will change your lock in a short time.

Why should I change my door lock?

If your door lock is not strong enough, it can be easily compromised by intruders. This means your home will become vulnerable to burglary. To prevent unauthorised entry into your house, you should ensure your door lock is of superior quality. 

Here are reasons you should change your door lock:

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Your door lock is of inferior quality

For a lot of homes, this is a major reason for a door lock change. If your door lock is of inferior quality, it increases the risk of burglary and unlawful entry into your home. We advise that all exterior door locks should conform with the British Standard BS3621. This type of lock can hold up against 3-6 minutes of drilling and is very difficult to pick. 

Misplaced keys

If you have discovered your keys are nowhere to be found or you don’t have an idea of where you have kept them, or you suspect your keys have been stolen, then we recommend you change your door lock. A licensed locksmith will have your door lock changed in less than an hour, and it is a very inexpensive task. This will save you the headache of constantly becoming scared about intruders who may have stolen your keys. 

New house

If you have just purchased or moved into a new house, we advise you have your door lock changed. It does not matter if the ex-owners appear hospitable, kind, friendly and courteous. You will never know who has the duplicated keys. 

(Attempted) Burglary or illegal entry

Whenever a house is burgled or invaded, it is proved to be a painful experience. It is equally displeasing when you notice there was an attempt to burgle. Merely seeing an attempted intrusion into is a signal that your lock needs to be immediately changed. It does not matter whether they entered your home through your window; they may have searched around for your house keys and pocketed them. 

After a separation or divorce

A lot of separations and marriage dissolution are characterised by hostility. It is a highly emotional process filled with anger for some. We advise individuals who have recently gotten a divorce to restrict access to their property if the law permits that. A professional locksmith will help change the lock.  

Hard to unlock/lock or jammed lock 

Locks are prone to wear and tear because they constantly have movable parts. A jammed lock is a clear signal that the locking mechanism is terrible. This problem is usually vexing and will require a locksmith to inspect it and change the lock mechanism or the lock. A jammed lock is vulnerable to unlawful entry and burglary.