This article will help you to understand what being a locksmith entails and how to kick start your locksmith career. In this article, you will find out the particular courses you need to enrol in, what each locksmith courses involve, the duration of the locksmith training or how long it takes to become a locksmith, the skills you need to have to succeed as a locksmith among others. We hope the quality information we provide will help you in your research as you make up your mind to become a professional locksmith.

You may ask what does being a locksmith involve? Well, as you may have known, a locksmith deals with safe, locks, keys and any other related services. Wikipedia defines locksmithing as ‘the science and art of making and defeating locks.’ That is a rather basic definition and does not do justice to other important services rendered by locksmiths.

Locksmiths today provide security consultancy services and will recommend locks for businesses and homes, in addition to the installation of locks, rekeying and repairing damaged locks. They can also come to the aid of clients who have been locked out of their vehicle and homes at any time of the day. This is regarded as emergency services.

Some locksmiths are highly skilled in vehicles and automotive services. They perform a wide variety of tasks such as rekey and installation of ignition switches, door cylinder and the reprogramming of car remote keys.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Locksmith in the UK

Are locksmiths always in demand?

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Yes. Locksmiths offer their services to both domestic and commercial clientele. This shows that the locksmithing industry is huge, and that means locksmiths never go out of demand. In the United Kingdom, people always move to new places of residence daily and the need for a change of lock increases as a direct consequence. In addition to that, security tops the priority of every house and business owner, so there is always a constant need to change the lock and safe to bolster security due to the rising rate of crime. So, there is a need for locksmiths who are knowledgeable and professional enough to satisfy these growing needs. 

According to studies published by RAC limited, more than £ 150 million was spent last year on replacement of car keys alone by British drivers. This demonstrates the profitability of the locksmith profession. 

Does being a locksmith require any training? 

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Yes. To be a qualified and licensed locksmith, you will need to undergo training programs and also possess cogent practical experience. Today, some institutions offer accredited locksmith training courses. Some of them offer distance learning and online courses. 

A locksmith training program involves exciting courses like electronic access locks, security system, vault locks, commercial locks, lock picking and key identification. There is also an opportunity to use locksmithing tools during the training program. Most locksmith trainees undergo mentorship or apprenticeship programs. This will facilitate the learning experience and increase job competency. 

We recommend the locksmith training program you opt for, should be accredited by the NCFE, CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme ) or City & Guilds.

How long does it take to become a locksmith in the UK?

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It depends. Locksmith training courses can last for months. Though, Some programs usually take between two to five months to finish. Practicals and apprenticeship can elongate the training program. 

What are the skills needed to succeed as a locksmith?

The following skills are needed to succeed as a locksmith; they include attention to details, communication, mechanical knowledge, technical ability, interpersonal skills, problem solving and patience. 

Are locksmiths licensed in the UK?

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Unlike other countries, the locksmith industry in the United Kingdom is unregulated and is not government licensed. However, locksmithing is a trade that requires a high level of trust and authenticity since a locksmith is privy to security-sensitive information. Some trade bodies cater to non-governmental licensing like the Master Locksmiths Association, the Institute of Certified Locksmiths and the Institute of Certified Auto Locksmiths. 

How much can a locksmith earn?

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It depends. Factors that influence a locksmith’s salary includes his experience and his place of work. Entry-level salary for a locksmith is estimated to be close to £17,000, and as career progressing, it can increase tremendously to more than £25,000.