Knowing how to open or unlock an entrance without a key is a clever little stunt that proves to be useful in various types of circumstances. For example, suppose that you’re locked out of your room, house or apartment, and you lost your key or because your key is broken, what do you do then?

This is merely one of the numerous situations in which it is very useful to know how to open a door or lock without a key. Besides the fact that it is cool expertise to have, you would have gotten the hang of something important that may prompt fewer home lockouts and office lockouts.

This implies how some homeowners neglect to take their home keys with them when they are venturing out from home or how some drivers unknowingly lock themselves out of their vehicles. The thing is, stuff happens.

Knowing how to open a door without a key encourages you, and leaves you better prepared for such circumstances like locking yourself out or losing your keys. Likewise, this skill will assist you in opening a door without a lock, as well as help you in other challenging circumstances.

For example, if you happen to be held in cuffs against your will, or other comparative restrictions, it helps to know you could circumvent or bypass such events.

Here are the things you can do to open a door without a key:

How do you unlock a door if you lost the key

Pick the lock

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You should be a bit familiar or comfortable with the pieces and parts of a lock and how these parts all work and are related to each other.

If somebody somehow managed to distort the procedure of lock picking, they would likely say that the point of lock picking is to attempt to impersonate the capacity of a working key. All locks can be picked; however, that doesn’t mean picking them will be a simple task.

If you need to pick a lock to open a door without the key, you will require some essential lock picking tools and equipment. There are times when this equipment won’t be convenient, and you may need to add up some lock picking tools along the way.

Basic examples of lock picking tools are bobby pins, and paper cuts that can be bent out of normal shape in order to blend with your lock picking needs. The snare, rake, and pressure torques are the more conventional and fundamental lock picking tools. 

The essential pin tumbler lock should work, in an ideal manner, with a single key. That is unless you have a master key framework set up. So if you want to open a door without a key, you should mirror the activity of the key itself.

To achieve this, you can either utilize raking or single pin picking. These are lock picking strategies that will assist you with opening a door without a key.

Bump the lock

Most home or property owners see lock bumping with negative meanings, and you can’t blame them, it’s for good reasons. Lock bumping is frequently abused by crooks and criminals to gain illegal entry into homes, and sometimes offices.  

In any case, if it is utilized correctly, and is used by the right individuals, lock bumping can assist you with opening your door without the key. Lock bumping is a productive and advantageous tool that locksmiths often used as a piece of their day by day activities.

A bump key is a well-designed key that looks to effectively exploit the key pins and driver pins that lie inside a pin tumbler lock. The cuts and grooves of the bump key are specially designed at their most extreme depth with the plan that they can be utilized on different locks.

However, the key has to coordinate well with the keyway of the lock it is being utilized on. 

In order to bump a lock, the key is embedded into the keyway, and a small amount of pressure is applied using a screwdriver or a hammer. The pressure applied on the bump key makes the key pins push the driver pins over the shear line. At this careful second, if the perfect measure of force is applied, you can successfully open a door without a key.

Call a locksmith

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This may sound somewhat strange, especially when compared with the techniques that we mentioned above. In most circumstances, calling a locksmith is the best solution for opening a door without a key.

A few people will, in general, stay away from locksmiths since they are uncertain of a portion of the procedures and desires for calling out a locksmith. A locksmith is always there to support you. Simply call out a locksmith you trust and connect with them for help.

At times, you will need them to open or unlock a door without a key, while in some instances you may require them to make another key, extract a broken key from the lock, or fit in and install a completely new lock. Despite the service requested, a locksmith can assist you in unlocking any door without a key. Generally, a locksmith will endeavour to pick or bump your lock, and this typically works.

However, if these techniques and methods prove ineffective, the locksmith may have to drill your lock to open or unlock the door without a key, and afterwards, they will fit and install another lock for you.

The best thing is to call out a locksmith to handle these issues, instead of attempting every one of the above techniques yourself, particularly if you are not the most DIY savvy type of person.

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