One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, ‘does a locksmith break your lock?’ What most people are concerned about is the cost of replacement of locks and doors, which may incur expenses leading to hundreds of pounds. Losing one’s key is not desirable, and the additional cost makes it even worse.

If you have misplaced your keys, we do not advise you to break into your own house. We notice a lot of people do this.

Does a Locksmith Break Your Lock

How does a locksmith gain entry into a door without causing damage to your lock?

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The fact is a truly impenetrable locking device does not exist, although some of them can be challenging to bypass. This is why you need to contact a professional locksmith that does not only possess the expertise and experience but has a wide variety of tools and accessories. A professional locksmith can unlock any door lock because he has the knowledge, training and skills. 

The locksmith begins the task of unlocking your door without damaging or ‘breaking your lock’ by attempting a non-destructive entry. The locksmith achieves this by manipulating the lock mechanism using various techniques and skills, including mortice lock decoder, electric pick gun, hand picks, using expert tools like a letterbox tool. All these are used in a bid to bypass your lock without breaking it in different circumstances. 

A non-destructive entry will allow you to go on still using the same key that you may have locked inside your house. This happens most of the time. 

Doors with high-security cylinders are the exception to a non-destructive entry. This means a high-end cylinder door will necessitate a destructive entry as the last resort. It will require drilling the lock, breaking the mechanism. In this case, replacing the lock is inevitable. Usually, a locksmith will ensure he exhausts all options before carrying out a destructive entry. 

Does a locksmith need to break my lock to gain entry?

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As you will find out soon, it depends on the type of door. Typically, a locksmith will neither break your door nor your lock to gain access into your house. A small exception is that if you have invested heavily on locks, then that will slightly increase the likelihood of ‘destructive entry’, but a licensed locksmith typically will not need to break your lock before gaining entry into your vehicle or home.

In the event where you break off your car key in the car ignition, professional locksmiths possess the tools that will enable them to take care of the breaking pieces without breaking or causing damage to the car lock.

If you get locked out of your house, the best option is getting the service of a licensed locksmith. A lot of people have caused a sizable amount of personal damages and additional expenses by attempting to break their locks or damaging their windows in a bid to gain entry into their house. We, at Locksminator, provide quality lockout services, automotive services, key duplicate, emergency services, home safe installation and commercial locksmith services.

If you find yourself in any frustrating situation that requires a locksmithing service, you can be sure to contact us to come to your aid immediately. We have a strong dedication to providing superior quality and high standard services.

Tips for preventing a lockout

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Here are some short tips that will help lessen the chances of you being locked outside your home:

  • Owning a spare key can help reduce the likelihood of a lockout. It is even less expensive than the expenses you may incur whenever your lock or key needs replacement. You won’t have the bother about misplacing your main key because you have a spare one. 
  • Consider using a magnetic hide-a-key or key holder. They can help you hide your spare or duplicate key.


Today’s professional locksmith has gone through a lot of training and skill advancement to meet up with the fast-changing security landscape. The services of a locksmith are not restricted to just picking your lock or rekeying or key replacement. Professional locksmiths offer a wide range of services including installing secure locks to safeguard your commercial or residential property, unlocking your car door and reprogramming your car keys and even providing you with the top-grade solutions or advice to specific security needs.

A brilliant strategy for dealing with unpredictable or unanticipated events like locking yourself outside your house, misplacing your home or car keys, door lock malfunctions is by contacting an emergency locksmith. Our team of licensed emergency locksmiths are professionally trained and are available around the clock (24/7) to provide swift and efficient solutions to your lock issues.