If you lost your car keys, broke them, and need to repair them or have your car keys stuck to your vehicle in the lock/ignition, an MLA-approved auto locksmith will help. They can either fix the key or have a replacement car made for you. If your car uses a remote key, the locksmith will have to program a new key.

If you recall, an MLA licensed auto locksmith can fix all kinds of vehicles. Be it can, car, truck, Motorcycle, or caravan.

Car Key Repairs — Broken Car Key Fob or Remote

Common problems with broken vehicle keys that can be fixed

  • Repair vehicle key fobs
  • Vehicle key snapped
  • Vehicle key is damaged or broken
  • Vehicle transponder chip is damaged or broken
  • Vehicle key snapped out in the ignition process
  • Vehicle key is worn out
  • Vehicle key ignition is jammed, and the car cannot start
  • Vehicle key is faulty
  • Vehicle has dead batteries and damaged buttons

Did you snap or damage your vehicle key?

Whenever your key is broken or damaged, the auto locksmith requests for the parts, or orders new ones. Afterwards, the chip will be taken out of the key, and the locksmith will insert it into the new key. 

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I have a key that is worn out

An approved auto locksmith can help you cut the key back to its former specification. Also, the immobiliser chip will be useful in making a new key. 

Is your car key stuck & fails to start the ignition?

If you find yourself in the situation whereby your vehicle key is stuck, or it won’t start the ignition barrel, fear not, our MLA locksmiths can help you. They are highly trained and will help you to diagnose the problem and figure out the actual issue. Whether it is a key-related problem, or if ignition related. 

If it is key related or if ignition-related

If the issue is key related, our professional Locksmiths can help you reprogram the car key and provide you with a new one. And if it is ignition related, they will try to fix the ignition, and if that doesn’t work, then they will have to replace the ignition entirely as a last resort. 

My car key snapped in the ignition process

If that happens, it is because you may have turned your key too hard in starting the key. But not to worry, an auto locksmith can assist you in extracting, and bringing out the other part of the key that is inside the keyhole. After that, they will offer you a replacement key. 

Types of car keys that can be fixed

  • Transponders – Most transponder keys after 1995 with a chip within can be fixed
  • Remote – Can also be fixed, but will require programming
  • Standard – These can be fixed as well, but mostly keys that have no control over the central locking. 

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Broken or damaged vehicle key

If your vehicle’s remote fob or transponder key is broken or damaged, you will have to call an auto locksmith who specialises in key programming to help you out.

Remote key fob repairs

If your vehicle’s remote key fob is damaged or broken, there are tons of issues that you might face afterwards. Such as:

  • Vehicle won’t start
  • Vehicle door won’t open

In the end, you are going to need a replacement key or have your remote fob fixed by reprogramming it. In such a case, you will need the help of a locksmith that specialises in key fob reprogramming to assist you. 

Price of fixing car keys

Various factors are determined when talking about the price of fixing a car key or reprogramming a remote fob. Below is an estimate of prices that an auto locksmith might charge you for fixing your broken car key, replacement of key batteries or buttons. Kindly note that locksmith prices vary for different locksmiths.

The specific price of fixing car keys

If a car key is snapped or worn out, a locksmith could charge from £20 for any type of car key. Whether transponder or remote keys. 

Key button cost

Key buttons don’t usually cost much, and depending on the type of car. If your car parts aren’t easy to get, it will cost you more. Normally, key fob buttons that are soldered in the circuit board should cost you from £20. The charge of replacing a single button is less expensive and is £5 per button. 

Cost of replacing car key battery

Battery replacement cost for a remote key fob will cost you from around 5£5. They are not hard to get, making them less expensive.

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