If you’ve been a victim of a break-in, an act of vandalism, or theft, you would either want to change your locks or have them rekeyed. If your locks are in good shape, but you lost your keys, you can choose to have your locks rekeyed. And if you are worried that others are using too many copies of your keys, you can choose to rekey a lock as well. 

A lot of homeowners, whenever they are faced with a key problem and are given the option to Replace a lock or rekey it fully, they waste no time in choosing to have the locks completely changed. However, there are situations whereby rekeying your lock would be a better option. 

But of course, should ever choose to have your locks rekeyed or completely changed, a locksmith is just a dial away from helping you out. And locksmiths have several ways of unlocking a lock cylinder without the original keys. A professional locksmith can pick or shim the lock to unlock it before the rekeying process can start. But do all locksmiths know how to rekey a lock without having the original key? 

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the available options when you want to rekey a lock. We will also compare rekeying a lock, or buying a new lock entirely. In many cases, a professional Locksmith can have your locks rekeyed even if you Misplaced or lost the original keys. 

When rekeying a lock, a locksmith will have a much easier time taking out the lock cylinder after down the lock and into unlocking Position. But, locks come in several types, sizes, and shapes. Not all locks can be rekeyed without their original keys.

Can you rekey a lock without the original key

Can I rekey a smart lock without a key?

If you use a smart lock, and you have access to it, you can remove it from your door without inflicting any damage to your lock; then you try to remove the Cylinder, and probably use a smart key reset cradle to install or fit the new lock to the door.

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Lost keys

And if you’ve lost your keys, your house will be at the risk of being burgled if someone with bad intentions finds your lost keys before you. To solve a problem like that it is best to have your lock rekeyed. Once your lock is rekeyed, whether or not someone finds the old keys, they cannot use it to enter your home. 

However, some people choose to have their locks changed, not rekeyed. Changing your locks can be more expensive, time-consuming, and not necessary. Although it all has to do with the kind of door lock and knob, you have fitted on your door.

Cost to rekey a lock

In most cases, a locksmith will, first of all, pick your lock to gain access, before commencing the rekeying process. The total cost of picking your look, and then rekeying it will be a little bit more expensive compared to the cost of a new key. So it might even be cheaper to save money for a new lock, rather than rekeying one.

If you have no extra key for your locks at all, and you want to rekey your lock, a professional locksmith can still go ahead and help you rekey your locks. But, when you don’t have a working key, a locksmith might charge you more. 

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Should I rekey a lock or buy a new lock?

Frankly, it depends. If you have a custom type of lock, like the ones that are usually seen on french doors, or you have a designer lock fitted, your best solution is to have the lock rekeyed. However, if you’ve misplaced or lost the keys to one or more than one generic lock (deadbolt/basic knob), then heading straight to the closest hardware store, and getting yourself some brand new locks and doing it yourself (if you can), could be a less expensive option. 

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Surely, a trained professional locksmith should know how to change a lock with or without the original keys, but it’s really up to you to weigh your options between changing the entire lock or rekeying it. Your budget, and the kind of locking mechanisms that you have in your possession, both locks and snobs, are all good to matter. 

So if you’re confused between the two, not knowing which to choose between changing your lock, and rekeying it, you should consider the major essential factors. In most cases, locksmiths can rekey your entire lock by simply charging a bit more than usual.