Can you get a key made from the VIN number? This stands as one of the most frequent questions from car owners to locksmiths. If you lost your car keys or broke them mistakenly in a hurry to open your door, you’re going to need a locksmith to replace your car key. So, the answer to your question, “Can I get a key made from my VIN?” is yes!

Professional locksmiths nowadays can replace a lost key even if there is no existing key to duplicate. However, a locksmith will need another key that is similar to the lost key in other to copy it.

If your key has a VIN number, you don’t have to worry about finding another key like yours because your locksmith can duplicate it just fine without needing similar key.

Most vehicles are made with VIN from manufacturers in case of a situation where a car owner has no spare key.

Getting your car key re-made

If you ever find yourself facing such a problem, you will have to hire a locksmith that specialises in handling car keys. Not just any local locksmith can pull this off. If you reside in the UK, you can hire a professional company locksmith to help you.

This key codes are highly secured. Some specific software and pieces of equipment will be required to connect with the vehicle’s key codes. The key codes are specialised so that only a professional locksmith can access them.

Key remaking process - Can I Get A Key Made From The VIN Numbe

The locksmith will go through some authentication process with agents from the manufacturing company that made your car. That is how your locksmith can get access to the codes and re-make your key.

And that’s not all. Your locksmith will also have to make sure that you own the car. They will confirm the Vehicle Identification Number to see if the details states that the car is rightfully yours.

The process might seem a bit thorough, but it’s not as exhaustive as it looks if you have everything in order. Also, it’s a car key you’re trying to have re-made.

Cost of replacing your car keys

Before calling out a locksmith, be sure to have your money in place. Some car owners make the mistake of not having enough cash on them after the job is completed. And then things tend to get a bit awkward afterwards.

They estimate a cost, and after the locksmith is done, he bills them his overall cost.

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Setting aside the cost of the transponder key itself, your locksmith will charge you for the work labour, call out, and travel time. Some locksmiths don’t charge for call-out, while some do. In the UK, the majority of locksmiths have a call-out charge.

If your car turns out to be a new model, then it is likely going to require a transponder chip programming. If your vehicle doesn’t require programming, then a locksmith won’t charge much. You will only be asked to pay for the key that was made and the labour.

In most places, the cost of having a key re-made by a local or company locksmith that specialises in car keys will depend on the situation.

When you call out a locksmith, you will have to answer some brief questions. For them to determine the exact problem. And afterwards, tell you what the car needs.

A professional locksmith doesn’t show up and re-make your car keys without asking questions about the old one.

Due to the “no government licensing” law that allows locksmiths to charge as much as they want after a
job, there is no fixed or flat rate for keys re-made by a locksmith.


In the UK, if a locksmith cuts a key from the VIN, the charge can be from £60 to £180, depending on the car model, year.

Your location or the location of your car will also be a factor in determining the cost. As well as the time of the day in which you called out the locksmith.

Let’s say you called out a locksmith in the morning, that’s less expensive for you than someone who calls out a locksmith by 11:00 PM.