If you ask any locksmith or an expert emergency locksmith about Banham locks, they’ll tell you that Banham locks are one of the most difficult locks to breakthrough. And they say that with an excellent reason. Banham locks have a reputation of being one of the best locks in the market. 

They provide absolute security in ensuring your safety against burglary or break-ins. So if you’ve ever been burgled or been a victim of such crimes, and you want to make sure it doesn’t happen a second time, simply call out a locksmith to help you reinforce your doors with Banham locks. 

However, before using Banham locks on your door, here are some few things to know:

Are Banham Locks any good

Banham Door Locks Security

One of the most secured types of door locks in the UK today are Banham locks. Their well-secured design is evidence of this fact. The design is an initiative that was brought by the UK police, which combines the design of physical crime security. Conversely, Banham locks are also in compliance with BS3621, the highly recognised door lock industry standard from the Association of British treasurers. 

Using Banham locks in your house helps reinforce your home security, at the same time helping you save an amount of cash on house insurance costs. The reason for that is because you lowered your risks drastically. So if you’re trying to locate a locksmith near you, be certain they have Banham locks. 

Banham Door Lock Types

The highly secure Banham locks come in two types: rim and mortise locks. Conversely, they are classified into:

• Cylinder and lever locks

• Self-locking deadbolts and Deadlocks

• Lever and cylinder locks

Banham mortice locks

These types of locks are mostly fitted or installed on a door’s edge. They are typically fixed below a hollow called a Mortice. Mortice locks also come with a plate that serves as the recess lining for the door’s frame, and that is where the bolt fits. 

The good thing about mortice locks is that they are very challenging to force entry, or open because most of the lock is secured firmly to the door’s frame. It’s one of the reasons why the majority of insurers insist that homeowners or tenants must be using mortice locks in their homes, to comply with their policy or cover. 

The aesthetical design of the Mortice lock is pleasing to the eye as well. It keeps the majority of the locking mechanism invincible. The faceplate and the keyhole are the only things you can see when the door is open.

Banham Rim Locks

Rim locks are typically installed and fitted on the inside surface of a door. They come with a key and lock bolt cylinder mechanism, and this is housed by another separate lock mechanism that is installed to the door. This mechanism is referred to as ‘night latch.’ 

Nonetheless, if your door opens inwards, then rim locks are best fitted for it. Rim locks are the preferred choice for heritage or listed properties because they inflict the least damage to your woodwork at the time of fitting.

Most secure of all locks

Indeed, Banham locks have proved several times to be the most secure lock in the market. But you might ask, which of them is most secure? 

If you’re enquiring from a locksmith in the UK, they’ll probably tell you that the wise thing to do is to have a deadlock on your front door. Deadlocks are one of the most difficult locks to breach. It’s one of the primary reasons why insurance companies stress having them in your home.

And to make your facility more secured, you can install a self-locking deadbolt. Insurance guidelines are an easy way of knowing if any type of door lock you are considering provides the type of security you want because insurers will usually stipulate a specific lock that they favour.

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You are at the liberty of combining more than one lock. So if you have a rim and mortice lock, you can combine both alongside your deadbolt. However, the best and most secure combination comes down to your needs. A professional expert locksmith close to you can help you to run a check on your door, giving you the best available options. 


So next time you hear about Banham locks, the first thought that comes to your mind should be that they are one of the most highly secured locks in the UK. You can get a Banham lock from a locksmith company near you, and they can offer to help you fit and install it as well.