According to statistics published by a government agency, Office of National Statistics, more than 360,000 burglaries were carried out in the UK last year, which could be recalculated as close to 1,000 burglaries every day. These grim statistics reflect the growth of sophisticated methods and tactics home invaders and burglars use in this modern time. Lock snapping is one of the fastest and simplest means burglars can use to gain entry into a house. It does not require any advanced equipment or skills and can take as little as 2 minutes to break a lock.

With the use of simple tools like hammer and plier, these criminals can exploit any lock with snapping techniques. It is noteworthy that euro-cylinder lock is the most vulnerable to lock snapping, because of its weak cylinder core. One way of preventing lock snapping is by installing an anti-snap lock on your uPVC door.

Why is Lock snapping so ‘effective’?

Many burglars prefer using lock snapping because it can wreck a lock in a short time and does not attract attention or produce a lot of noise. It is particularly used against the euro-cylinder lock, by forcing and breaking the cylinder, thereby rendering it useless. But first, the burglar will have to take off the door lock exterior parts – including the casing, handle and plastic covering – to destroy the lock mechanism by snapping it and unlocking the door. 

The lock that is most vulnerable to lock snapping is the euro-cylinder lock. The Euro cylinder is among the most widely used locks in the UK and around Europe. The euro lock profile has a cylinder that sticks out from the lock, making it easy to tamper with. The more a lock cylinder protrudes or sticks out, the more vulnerable to snapping it becomes. 

How about euro cylinder locks with a multipoint locking system? Can they be snapped as well? Yes. As stated above, lock snapping is very effective because it compromises the cylinder and destroys the rest of the locking mechanism. This applies to euro locks with a multipoint locking system. 

Door locks come in classes of ratings, but any lock that is not of the SS312 Diamond standard or TS007 3-star rating is prone to snapping. 

The solution to lock snapping is an anti-snap lock.

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Anti Snap Euro Cylinder on uPVC Door

What is an anti-snap euro-cylinder lock

With an anti-snap lock, you need not worry about burglars snapping your lock. It is designed to hold out against snapping attempts. A typical anti-snap lock possesses two sections – this is to prevent the burglar from having access to the cylinder or lock mechanism. When the burglar is trying to break the lock, the first part will snap away, making it impossible to grip the cylinder. Anti-snap locks also have a sturdy bar, which makes it hard to break away. 

Anti-snap locks are tested, trusted and coupled with the positive customer reviews, are a must-have for your house. Using them will ensure the safety and security of your loved ones and properties. They last longer – some of them can last for up to seven years, and come with anti-bump technology.

How does standard euro-cylinder lock differs from anti-snap locks

The standard euro-cylinder lock has a big flaw – the screw hole which supports the cylinder. Usually, this type of lock protrudes five millimetres from the door’s edge, making it easy to snap and damage the lock mechanism. In direct contrast, the anti-snap lock cylinder possesses a powerful snap line, which serves as a buffer when the lock is snapped, protecting the lock mechanism, even when this part has been tampered with. This makes the anti-snap lock more effective against lock snapping. 

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How do I choose an anti-snap lock?

When you are purchasing an anti-snap lock, ensure you look out for the following criteria:

SS312 Diamond standard

The SS312 Diamond Standard is the mark of accreditation or approval from Sold Secure, which signifies that the lock can effectively hold out against snapping attempts by burglars. Security products that bear the approval mark from Sold Secure have the highest level of quality.

TS007 3 star

The TS007 BSI kitemark is another quality seal you should look out for. It signifies that the lock has indeed met the standard for snap resistance through testing. The kitemark seal indicates safety and shows that the product has undergone third-party verification.


We recommend when buying an anti-snap lock, seek the advice of a professional locksmith. Your door has to have the right measurement to align with your door’s size, or else the cylinder may protrude from the door casing.