Security is an essential part of any business. And in order to keep your business properties secure, a locksmith can offer to have exceptional Electronic access control installed, such as CCTV, Burglar alarms, and security bars. This is a precautionary measure that will not only keep your business properties safe but your employees as well. 

Always remember that approved MLA professional locksmiths can provide you with a variety of services apart from the usual replacement of keys or locks. Below are some of the security services that locksmiths provide:

Access Control & Business Security

Electronic Access Control

This is a type of system that can monitor different areas of your business, as well as giving you control over what goes on. Electronic access systems are also capable of being used as a safety feature to know where a particular person is, in a building. 

They also have an impressive feature in which they can be linked directly to HR systems in order to monitor an absence etc.

Master Key Systems

With master key systems, you’d never have to walk around carrying your business keys on you. With a master key system, you can select a particular individual and a particular key that will be used to open one specific lock. 

In other words, only your accountant can open the door to his/her office, while you, as the business owner or chairman, can open any lock with your master key. It’s like giving your employees each of their keys for their respective offices, but with your master key, you can open any of the offices. 


Security Grilles

A locally approved MLA locksmith might possess the skills required to repair, install any security bar as well as a Grill. Security Grills are highly recommended, and they can be fitted or installed on any door or window as a security upgrade for your home or business building. 

Different types of Grills can be installed or fitted inside or outside of your home or business premises. Some of them are Mesh Grilles, Bar Grilles, and Collapsible Grilles.

Security Gates

If you wish to improve the security of your business, then consider getting a security gate. They are capable of out unauthorised visitors or burglars. Whether you own a manual or automatic gate, a professional locksmith can help to repair or install it for you. Additionally, they will suggest precise locks for your gates.

Security Shutters

Having these installed on your business premises is a great way to keep out unauthorised guests, and especially, burglars. An MLA approved locksmith can help you install a shutter on a door or window. 

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If a burglar breaks into your business place after working hours, with CCTV cameras installed, you may be able to see how they got in, or what they did inside. Many MLA approved locksmiths can supply, and help you install any CCTV camera you wish. 

Fire Doors

Businesses can now put in place fire risk assessment, with legal requirements. A fire door is of immense importance. Having them correctly fixed is critical. Today’s businesses need an integration of fire protection and security systems. 

However, an approved MLA locksmith can help you figure out the perfect solution to your fire door needs.

Door Closers/Openers

One of the best ways of ensuring the security of business property is by using door closers and door openers. They don’t only double-check to ensure that doors are properly closed and secure, but conversely, they are playing a vital role in the functioning of fire doors. 

Most door closers are mechanical, which means they will need to be maintained and serviced now and then to make them continue working at a stable condition. So if you are planning on having door closers or door openers installed on your doors, an approved MLA locksmith is just a call away.

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Burglar Alarms

Another security service that MLA locksmiths can provide for your business building is a burglar alarm. These are very helpful in keeping out burglars, and they are best put to use if you are not always present at your business premise. 

In order to keep your business secure, MLA locksmiths who specialise in security can supply and install a burglar alarm for you.

One of the questions you might ask afterwards is, are the security levels of these systems accurate? If you wish to know how reliable a security system is, you will have to get in touch with any of your local MLA locksmiths company, and they will provide you with expert’s tips and advice on how to keep your business properties safe and well secure.

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