If you have lost your office safe key, lost the key code, or forgot the lock combinations, and you want a replacement key, all you need is a professional locksmith that specialises in opening all types of safes. A locksmith that is MLA approved can provide you with any safe opening service you may need. 

Conversely, an MLA locksmith can help you in moving, disposing or repairing a safe. They can also help make your safe security fitted. Majority of your approved MLA locksmiths provide various services other than simply replacing or fixing locks. 

Safe Opening & Repairs — Find a Safe Specialist

Safe Opening – Open a Safe Without a Key or Combination

If ever you lost the key to your safe and you forgot the lock combination as well, and you’re unable to unlock it, don’t panic, you can call out a locksmith for assistance. They can open your safe and even replace your lost keys. 

There are plenty of common problems which a safe engineer can help you with. Below are some of the problems:

They can safely open a safe that has a combination lock even if they don’t know the combination code – digital and dial types of lock. 

• They can open a safe even if the keys to the safe are inside.

• They can open a safe with a jammed lock or if the keys are stuck inside of it. 

• They can safely crack open any safe if you misplaced the keys.

• They can get into a safe without the keys. 

• Without knowing the lock codes, they can open a safe.

• They can also unlock electronic and digital safes. 

However, if you wish to have new keys cut for your safe, it’ll have to be done by an experienced professional locksmith. This is due to the nature of safe keys. 

How Much Will a locksmith charge To Open a Safe?

Locksmiths have no government licensing, which means they can charge as much as they want for opening a safe. Furthermore, different factors determine the cost of a job. For the safe opening, the price will depend on how improved, and how solid the security of the lock is, and the time and labour used in opening the safe. 

For more information on the cost of Locksmiths, we suggest you get a quote or two from your MLA approved local locksmith.

Safe Repairs – Digital + Combination (All Types)

Several problems can lead to calling out a safe engineer for assistance. Here are some of the situations whereby you will need a safe engineer’s help:

  • Fixing a faulty or damaged lock
  • If your key is snapped inside the lock, you will need a safe engineer to help you. 
  • If you are locked out of your digital safe, you can call out a safe engineer for help. 
  • Broken lock? A professional, safe engineer can help you fix it. 

Whatever problem your safe might have, a vetted DBS approved MLA locksmith can help you fix any issues with your safe.

Types of Safes a locksmith can open or repair

A locksmith that specialises in opening safes can open up and repair any safe or cabinet you may have. Some of them are listed below:

  • Digital keypads
  • Combination Locks
  • Key safes & Boxes
  • Traditional key-operated safes
  • Floor and fireproof safes
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Hidden wall safes
  • Key & gun cabinets

Safe Supply, Fitting and Installation

If you possess anything of value, whether you have it kept in your house or office, you should get a quality secure safe to keep them. Although it is not something, you can do it by just stumbling inside one of the local DIY shops near you. 

If you want to have a safe at home or your business place, there are two major types of safes you can get for yourself:

  • Data Safe – This safe is used to store documents, and to protect your valuables from fire, or theft. 
  • Security Safe – These are usually used to store high-value items such as jewellery, valuable stones, cash, etc.

If you don’t know which of the locks to buy for the best protection, you should get a professional Locksmith’s advice or suggestions before purchasing any. 

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Insurance requirements for the safe?

We highly suggest you consult your insurance company and check if there are specific criteria for insuring your safe in the event of cash loss or fire damage to the safe. 

What is stored inside?

If you keep media or documents inside of your safe, you should consider getting a safe that will protect your documents from fire. And if you store cash or jewellery in a safe, you should check the rating of the safe to ensure there is a reliable insurance cover.

You will need an MLA licensed locksmith who specialises in safes to install an excellent safe that will fit its purpose. 

Removing a Safe

An MLA locksmith can help you with disposing or moving a safe from a commercial building, house, office or any other property. Removing a safe is not a DIY type of work. Safes weigh a lot, and some safes are so heavy that five average men will not be able to lift them. So you will need an MLA locksmith who specialises in safes if you need safe removal service. 

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